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Our Services

Healing thru Art provides a wide range of services.  Working with art therapy sessions: for both individual and small groups as well as, art classes. In addition we also provide workshops,  mini-art camps, consultation, presentations and much more. These services are here to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, to provide them an opportunity to explore the variety of art media, and express themselves and learn about themselves as they express themselves freely.

Individual Art Therapy

Healing Thru Art provides individual session, which is  a one on one session with in-home services and in our art studio located in Oconomowoc, WI.  Presently we  specialize in Individuals with physical disability, Autism Spectrum, elderly and hospice work.

Job Development

Healing Thru Art facilitates business and job development opportunities for persons with disabilities in the creative industry. We help plan and adapt to the needs of the participant so they can be involved in their business, supported with a team of professionals to help sell their art work. 

 Group Art Therapy

Healing Thru Art provide small group sessions within Group homes, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Day Programs , Hospitals, and also within our own art studio.  Giving partcipants a great way to develop socialization skills


Healing Thru Art provide sessions in both Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, and now Jefferson County within Group homes, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Day Programs , Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, including our Home Base Art Studio located in Oconomowoc, WI


Healing Thru Art provides consulting for local School, teachers, and businesses on art programs and its benefits for individuals with disabilities

Mini-Summer Art Camp

Inspired by one of our very own participants, Healing Thru Art provides a 3 to 4 day Mini-Art Camp which includes student peer helpers and one on one assist with Art Activities.  Thanks to local business, such s Cornerstone Pub, Subway and Soul Fire Art Studio that make the Summer Art Camps a great success.

Intern Supervision

Healing Thru Art has worked with several area colleges to provide a great learning environment and stepping stone to careers for many interns and volunteers.